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Darren Han



A Juris Doctor graduate from Bond University and a solicitor of the High Court of Australia, Darren Han, is the founder Fenson & Co Lawyers. Darren goal is to create a law firm that is innovative, modern, and contemporary.

Our exceptional leader, whom is often described as a natural “people person,” has remarkable communication skills and a passion for property and business law. Effectively and efficiently is how Darren operates his law firm. Darren has credited his success on his relentless work ethic and a strong focus on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive and challenging environments. Darren believes that, “If you want to be the best, there is no time to rest – all you need to do is to focus on the process and the process will take care of the result.” With this motto, Darren has an impressive track record of success across a wide variety of legal fields.

Darren’s vision for his law firm is to provide the clients with high quality and easy accessibility to their legal needs. Fenson & Co Lawyers specialised in conveyancing transactions, with strong immigration law and business law practice.

At Fenson & Co Lawyers, we have a wealth of proven experience and expertise in all areas of our services. We take a strategic approach to all of our services, working closely with our clients to understand their priorities and required outcomes. If you require Darren Han’s services, please contact him on 0433 225 386.