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This Terms of Use section provides important information regarding the terms governing your use of any services provided by Fenson & Co. Lawyers via the Internet, including but not limited to: our website (and any information provided by us on our website) and any messages sent to or from us via email or other online-based communication platforms.

In this Terms of Use “you” and “user” means the individual accessing this website. Where such access is made in a business context any company or other organization of which that individual is an officer, partner, member, employee or agent and other members of the same group as that company or other organization to whom information on this website is passed.

By using (“this Website”) you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you must immediately cease using this Website. Any use by you of any information contained on this Website constitutes your acceptance of these terms of use. These Terms apply in conjunction with any other terms and conditions, including our Privacy Policy.

Lawful Use

You may only use this Website for lawful purposes and must ensure that such use does not breach any laws that apply to you.

Not Legal Advice

The information on this website is provided only as general information and does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as a substitute for legal advice. The communication of information from this website is not intended to and does not create any Solicitor-Client relationship between any user and Fenson & Co. Lawyers or any other party.

Users of this website requiring or seeking legal advice are responsible for obtaining specific advice tailored to the user’s particular circumstances, and should do so before acting, or refraining from acting, any action in reliance on any information on this website.


While we endeavor to keep the information and other material provided on our website accurate, current, complete and reliable, we do not warrant that there may not be errors or omissions which may occur as a result of the changes to applicable Rules,

Regulations or Laws. Any use of information on this website is solely at your own risk. Save to the extent that any liability cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law, all liability of Fenson & Co. Lawyers, partners, other lawyers and employees, to you or any other person for loss or damage of any kind (howsoever caused, including without limitation negligence or any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss whether or not the such arises out of any problem you notify to Fenson & Co. Lawyers) arising from or relating in any way to any material and/or any use of the website, or the availability of the website or any content, is expressly excluded.

Your Responsibilities as User

You are ultimately responsible for the consequences of your own decisions as to the use and reliance of the information and other material contained in this Website. It is for you to decide whether you should obtain legal advice. You do not have to be a client of Fenson & Co. Lawyers to use the website.

Apart from the viewing, downloading or printing of content from this website for your non-commercial, personal use, prior written consent must be obtained for the use or reproduction of any content from the website for any other reason. You are strictly prohibited to use any part of this website to:

• Use any part of the website for an illegal purpose or in a way which is inaccurate or misleading or offensive, or which brings Fenson & Co Lawyers or any of its partners, other lawyers or employees into disrepute; and

• Cause any of the material on this website to be framed or embedded in another website; and

• Commercialize any information, products or services on this website except with our prior written consent or as permitted by applicable copyright law.

Termination of Access

Fenson & Co. Lawyers shall be entitled to terminate or restrict your access to this Website at any time without notice. If we do so, these Terms will continue to apply and you must discontinue or limit your use of this Website immediately.

Website Content

Except where another jurisdiction is specified, legal content on this website is based on laws applicable in Australia.  Material on this website may be updated and amended from time to time, and may not reflect the most recent legal developments.

Although you may be able to access this website in a jurisdiction other than Australia, Fenson & Co. Lawyers hereby asserts no representation or warranty that this Website complies with the regulatory regime and local laws of any country other than Australia.


Fenson & Co. Lawyers cannot ensure the security of any information you send to us via the Internet during its transmission. Any information you transmit via the Internet should not be sent unless you accept the risk that the information may be lost, corrupted, or disclosed to third parties during its transmission. We make no representation or warranty that the material on contained on this site is free from viruses or other defects.


Fenson & Co. Lawyers will not be liable for any interference or damage you may suffer in connection with your use of this Website, including but not limited to any damage caused by computer viruses or any other form of interference.

Copyright & Trademarks

Unless stated otherwise and subject to applicable law, all rights (including copyright) in the content and design of this website are reserved.  All such copyright is owned by Fenson Legal Pty Ltd or is used under license or applicable law (including any text, images, logos, animations, sound recordings and/or software).

No information or material contained on this website, without our prior written permission, can be reproduced, adapted, commercialized, displayed, distributed, stored in a retrieval system, printed, or be used to create derivative works other than for the purposes of, and subject to the conditions prescribed under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Any word or logo which appears in our Online Services in association with the ™ or © symbol is a trademark, and must not be used by you without our prior written consent or unless in accordance with the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth).

External Sites

Any links, frames or other references to other sites from the pages on this website are for information only and produced solely for convenience. Fenson & Co. Lawyers makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, suitability or any other aspect of the information or material on any external website. We do not endorse or recommend any of the information, goods or services referred to any of the linked websites. You must make your own decision to use such websites and to accept their terms of use and privacy and other policies.

Operators of other websites must not create or maintain any link from another website to this website without our prior written consent.


We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and, if we do so, we will provide the updated version on our website.


In the event that any of part of these Terms are rendered invalid, void, unenforceable or illegal, either in its entirety or in a particular application, for any reason by any court of law exercising competent jurisdiction, it shall be read down, severed or ignored respectively so far as it is possible with the remainder of the provisions to remain in full force and effect.

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Fenson & Co. Lawyers and shall apply to the exclusion of all other terms or conditions of contract which you may purport to propose.

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in Australia and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts notwithstanding the residence of any party or the occurrence of any act, matter of thing outside of Australia.

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